6 Home Theater Must-Haves

With the availability of everything from hit movies still playing in the theaters to the latest television shows and chart topping music, all within the comfort of your own home, it’s no wonder home theaters are becoming increasingly common. If you’re joining the fray, the following is a list of must-haves for any home theater.

1.       A killer sound system. You might have the best screen on the planet but if you don’t have the sound system to back it up, it won’t matter. Get surround sound whole house audio TX to ensure you hear every bit of whispered dialog, feel every explosion and get carried away with every sweeping soundtrack.

2.       Motorized projection screen. Having an HD flat screen, curved or 3D TV is all well and good but real film aficionados know that only a motorized projection screen will do. The effect alone of the screen emerging as if by magic at the touch of a button is enough to justify the splurge. Experts recommend a 10-feet-wide screen with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio (screen width compared to height) and 1.0 gain (how much light is reflected) for optimal movie viewing.

3.       Comfy seating. You’re going to be sitting there for the next couple of hours so comfort is a must. Wide leather recliners are a great choice and are often found in higher end movie theaters. Cup holders in the arm rests are non-negotiable. Extra wide arm rests also make for the perfect spot to put snacks.

4.       Snacks. Speaking of, you can’t watch a movie without refreshments. An antique-style popcorn machine is a great touch for both decor and the nostalgia factor. A soda bar is also ideal for quenching thirst worked up during intense scenes. If your theater will only be hosting the 21 and over crowd, a wet bar is a popular home theater amenity.

5.       Dimmer lights. Nothing creates a theater experience like wall sconce dimmer lights. They make it possible to feel that wave of excitement rolling through your stomach as the lights go down and the movie screen comes to life.

6.       Movie posters. There is no decor more appropriate than large, framed movie posters (you get extra points if they’re individually lit as well). Use your selection of posters to make a statement about which films you love most and show off your film buff bona fides by throwing in an art film poster or two.

With these six must-haves, your home theater will be the hottest ticket on the block.