Reasons to Hire a Contractor for Screen Enclosure Repair

Screen enclosures allow homeowners and their families to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs and debris. Most of these structures are built onto existing patios, which allows residents to move freely between their homes and enclosures and many have roofs to provide shade.

It may seem like the simplicity of these structures should make them easy to repair when screens become ripped or sections are damaged during storms. Most homeowners don’t have the tools, knowledge, or time required to perform their own repairs, though. Read on to find out why it’s almost always a better idea to hire a professional for Screen Enclosure Repair.

The Right Tools

Screen enclosure repairs require specialized tools that most homeowners don’t have on-hand. Although these tools aren’t overwhelmingly expensive, they’re not very practical, either. Unlike more common household tools, they’re really only useful for performing certain types of screen repairs.

Since the tools designed for repairing window screens are very specialized, homeowners often find that there’s a learning curve for using them and once the repairs are completed those tools are unlikely to be useful again for many years. It makes more sense to hire a professional who already has all the right tools on hand and knows how to use them.

The Right Experience

Few homeowners have replaced torn screens or repaired damaged frames. If they don’t know how to hang the new screen material correctly, the repairs won’t last since the loose screen will be more prone to additional tears. A screen repair contractor will get the job done right the first time and ensure that the enclosure will look as good as new once the project is completed.

The Right Protection

Screen repair companies carry insurance policies to protect workers if they are injured on the job site. They also carry general liability insurance, which will pay for damage to clients’ properties should an accident occur, causing damage to nearby structures or landscape elements.

Homeowners who injure themselves or cause damage to their properties while performing repairs will be on the line for medical bills and property damage. Those who hire a contractor will be fully protected from liability in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.