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How Should You Live As A Christian?

Who is a Christian? This is someone who believes in Jesus Christ as their personal savior. A Christian goes to church. There are many kinds of churches that worship Jesus Christ. There is Catholic, Anglican Churches, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists, among others. Most churches worship on Sunday but others worship on Saturdays. The day of worship depends on which day of the week is the Sabbath. They believe that since God rested on the 7th day when creating the earth, they have to worship Him on the seventh day as well, which is the Sabbath. Christianity is found in many nations of the world. There is freedom of worship in most of these countries. There is also still the persecution of Christians in some of these countries. As a Christian, how are you supposed to live?

All Christians are required to spread the Gospel. That is the work that Jesus Christ left them when he ascended to heaven. All people across the globe need to know who Christ is and what He can do in the life of a human being. There are many ways to spread the Gospel. You can preach to them if you understand more about Jesus Christ than they do. You can also minister to people through songs. Inspirational gospel music is also a good way to inform the world about Christ.

Christians should also live as Christ did. Their lives should be a reflection of their belief. How can you live like Christ did? You should avoid engaging in evil things. Christ would not have lied to the person. He would not have been involved in corruption by taking bribes. Christ will also have become a vessel of help to all those concerned. Christians should also learn to avoid disputes. They should also avoid committing adultery or fornication. The Bible says that a Christian’s body is the temple of God. They should, therefore, preserve it by living holy lives.

A Christian is also supposed to help those that are in need. There are many poor people in society. You should not let them suffer if you have the ability to help them. There are many people in the world affected by drought and floods. Some people have no place to live because they have been displaced by war in their country. As Christians, you should come together to ensure that each of those people gets food and a place to stay. Do not let them be killed by hunger or the cold.

Additionally, Christians should be a vessel of change in society. There are many societies that have backward beliefs. You should speak against the discrimination of women. Women can also be in leadership positions the way men are. They can lead even better than. They should also speak against children and women violence and abuse that goes on around the world. Human trafficking affects young women and children. You should also speak against other ills in society such as corruption and marginalization of some communities. Do not be afraid to be a Christian who brings positive change in society.

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