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Important Tools for Every Plumber
Tools are very essential in the work of plumbing and there are those that are very essential whether you are a seasoned plumber or joining the industry. Plumbing profession also demands a lot of knowledge on various upcoming technologies and also being up to date on new technology that will take your business to the next level. Given that there are many plumbers out there, lacking one or some of these tools will mean that your competitors will outdo you with the best tools. Here is an essential toolkit that you should learn more about to make your plumbing work a success.
An inspection camera is very vital for every plumber given that you will have to inspect various places that are dark, hard to reach, tight and cramped. This is one of the most important tools you should have to make the work easy. As you will learn more, these cameras are designed in a way that lens are fixed at the end of a long, flexible tube that can enter into tight spaces and even pipes. When you use the inspection cameras, the work will be efficient and fast given how short it will take for you to identify the problem and hence you will save a lot of time and money.
Often, plumbers have troubles with time since they will need to do soldering. Most soldering tools are bulky and hence the difficulty in transportation. Thus you will need to acquire the portable soldering tools and pads. Having this will ensure that every metal soldering can be done right there on-site and no need for off-site jobs. When soldering, flames or even the tools can damage a lot of things including floors, walls or the surrounding area and thus buying soldering pads is a good move.
Every plumber should acquire duct sealant and plumbers putty to ensure success in the work. Both the two tools are resistant but with varied applications. It is important for you to learn more about the difference in plumbers putty and duct sealant. As you will find out, duct sealant is often used for HVAC purposes and it has its own strengths including its non-conductive nature, protection of various fittings, etc. You should use plumber’s putty in the situations that will experience lots of water but not with high pressure. Learn more about this to guide your purchasing.
You should also acquire pipe benders for your use. This will make the work efficient as you will not need to buy corner fittings that will match the angles and width of your systems. When you have the tools, you can customize systems easily and this will make work efficient as you will learn more.
Given the number of times you will spend kneeling during plumbing work, you should get knee pads for yourself. Learn more about how these pads will help you a lot and a lot of other important tools for plumbing.